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Clipping Path

Clipping path specially for background removal simply cut out images that turn to white background for ecommerce enhanced images Clipping Fascinate Ltd. would be your first priority. At present most preffered photo editing service provider in the world, we offer all types of clipping path services at the best price whether looking to remove background from picture or multi path for colour correction, we produce perfect image cutout results every single time. Our expert designers always use most... more


Shadows represents a realistic of a photo. The shadow effect raises an object to create a sense of reality within a striking visual presentation. Clipping Fascinate can add a natural shadow under any lighting condition, no matter whether your product photos or model photography images have existing shadows or not. Our drop shadow service combines the latest software and exceptional techniques to produce an authentic image shadow as well as designers are really expert to tke care of mirror... more


Photoshop Mask are needed when it’s complicated to make clipp path like hair, feather, wool, leaves and some particular areas. Clipping Fascinate uses the latest hair masking technique to remove background from picture and create precise natural object renditions. Advanced use of background removal is suitable for fuzzy-looking hair, skin, or fur. In contrast to the Pen Tool that applies to hard edges, Photoshop masking works around soft edges regardless of dark, gradient, or multicolour... more

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation or Mannequin services or dummy removal services the main procedure involves taking one part of an image then placing it into another, made to seamlessly blend well in the picture. For instance, clothing appears to be worn by an invisible mannequin, which contours to an attractive form perfect for catalogues. Our photo manipulation service goes beyond ghost mannequin edits and product presentations, but we can do background replacement, mix and match pictures, add or remove... more

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solution or Image optimization for web is necessary for every online store for generating more views and business revenue.Clipping Fascinate is such a perfect post production house to enhance your all e-commerce photo editing solutions that yield superior quality product photos. Our expert graphics designers provide you those services, clipp path, background remove, masking, retouch, resize, color correction, mannequin, object remove, remove creases, dust remove, cropping, even we... more

Product Retouch

Product retouching are very urgent issues for commercial specially the essence of advertising, the engine of business.Magnetic product photos in catalogue or e commerce shop without professional retouching are unthinkable today in any industry segment. Retouche specializes Clipping Fascinate designers for any types of product retouch. We have years of experience retouching commercial shots for ads, catalogues, and web. We correct shape, remove blinks, dust, unlikely details and defects,... more

Model Retouching

Model Retouching services, Clipping Fascinate Designers are most sincere of color correction services include all necessary adjustments like Shadows, Contrast, Exposure, brightness, and others. Also our expert Graphic Designers give some extra attensions some simple issues, like wrinkles removal, Skin airbrushing, blemishes or teeth whitening, even perfect eye contact. Basic retouch, gorgeous Portrait retouch, High end retouch, Fashion retouch, Headshot retouch, Beauty retouch or any other... more


Wedding is handling by totally different team of Clipping Fascinate Ltd. They work in Lightroom and photoshop also. Those designers have highly skills of color adjustment, with extra taking care of catalogue. As Wedding photography is the photography of activities relating to weddings, So always more sensitive issues about skin color and bride and groom pictures that perfectly stirring by the special designers.Moreover, making cover photos, wedding special words, albums, catalogues everything... more

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